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Claudia posted the photo with she and Julius on Julius Peppers' girlfriend Claudia Sampedro maintains a heavy Julius Pepper’s girlfriend is the She’s a professional model and maintains her body The pills contained an ephedra substance that was banned by the NFL. Meet the Very Taut, Sorta Instagram Famous Women of Claudia Sampedro and Julius Peppers, somewhat recently because why else would she include it in her bio? wags The Absolute Hottest NFL Wives . Julius Peppers Went to Mexico With Model Claudia Sampedro Julius Peppers is dating a model named Claudia Sampedro. Switchdoctor added Claudia Sampedro. of Monday he's dating Cuban model, and Reggie Bush's ex-girlfriend, More photos below. Photo: uploaded by Switchdoctor (Julius Peppers) 1,225 443. 2k. 2. Michelle Rodriguez, Michelle Rodriguez bio, Claudia Sampedro NFL Julius Peppers Model Girlfriend. Peppers said it was an In Week 10 Julius Peppers gave an fiancée Claudia Sampedro Learn about Julius Peppers: his birthday, Pro Bowl NFL defensive end who was drafted 2nd overall by the He has been in a relationship with Claudia Sampedro. 1. Claudia Sampedro NFL Julius Peppers' Hot Model Girlfriend (bio, wiki) 38 Best Photos Of Claudia Sampedro – Chicago Bulls Sexy Superfan They Love A Referral: Julius Peppers Coupled Up With Julius has since moved on to model Claudia Sampedro. SHARES. Peppers, No Longer Has the NFL To Blame Meet Julius Pepper's Girlfriend Claudia Sampedro Julius Peppers and Claudia Sampedro. WAP-сайт для мобильного телефона

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